Things I Cannot Do

In Uncategorized on May 20, 2010 at 2:51 pm

1. Talking

I may talk but not that much. I much think and re-think before I speak up. I cannot talk everything what I feel, because sometimes what I say will make the other things mess up.

2. Asking

I may not asking everything that I cannot give back. I will be called as selfish naif person if I am asking too much while I cannot give evrything of me.

3. Doubting

I must believe everything that you told me. I may not check with my own eyes everything happened to you. Just believe what you told me, like you trust everything that I told you.

4. Checking

I may not check your belongings. Those all stuffs become your personal authority. I may come in after you let me in, if not, I must stay away.

I will do everything that make you comfort. One thing that I am afraid of is “I cannot feel anything more to you”. It will be hapenned when I put “Feeling” as number 5. Then number 5 is not mambo for me.


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